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Empowering Excellence in Project Management Consulting

(Integrating AI for Tomorrow’s Success)

Leverage 20 years of hands-on expertise in IT, spanning development to product management. I bring a wealth of knowledge to elevate your projects. Successfully initiating and transforming organizations, rescuing projects from the brink, and constructing high-performing Agile teams for unparalleled success.

Pre-Sales Proficiency

Supercharge Your Sales Journey: Elevate Your Success with My Expertise

Elevate your pre-sales activities with an AI expert who understands the intricacies of cutting-edge technologies.

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  • Honed skills on AI ( Fully upgraded )
  • 15+ years of Experience in winning clients
  • A perfect blend of technology and business acumen with Agility
  • Excel at strategic thinking
  • Track record working with B2B, B2C, SaaS, and Could Products


Restore Project Success Through an Impartial Project Management Approach

Navigate project challenges with confidence. I excel in rescuing projects from the brink of failure, ensuring they not only meet goals but exceed expectations.

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  • Delivered all size of projects
  • Saved Billion Doller project
  • Managed Cross-functional team from 5-100 members and oversee product development.
  • Can drive rigorous product releases for complex projects
  • Keen application performance observer and improvement finder

Client Communication

Elevate Your Partnerships with Clear, Effective Dialogue

Communicating as an expert is key to client satisfaction. I have a proven ability to articulate complex ideas in a way that resonates with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, fostering trust and collaboration.

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  • Executive-level communication and influencing skills
  • Result Driven with strong decision making ability
  • Proven Conflict Resolution Expertise
  • The ability to say “no” appropriately when necessary.

Strategic Team Building

Fortifying Your Success Through Cohesive, High-Impact Teams

Assembling the right team is crucial for success. I specialize in understanding your business needs and handpicking top talents to drive results.

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  • Highly energized and skilled in making high-performing, self-motivated, agile teams.
  • Specialized in pinpointing development and delivery process pitfalls, offering expert recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Implement Culture Change


Rajul is an amazingly driven individual… who truly cares about customers intent and delivers always beyond expectations consistently. She would be an asset to any organization

Max Kothari, CEO Express Kitchens (USA)

I had an opportunity to work with Rajul during development, migration, delivery and GoLive of a major ERP/Workflow management system. Successful outcome of the effort was a seamless transition of entire work force in two different offices. Rajul’s team guided our organization on realistic expectations of the year long project and defined timeline for successful GoLive. This team also provided tools, process and validation for historical data migration for seamless workflow management.

I specifically appreciate Rajul’s ability to understand and manage customer expectations. Her effective communication and team management skills are valuable assets for any organization. Finally, Rajul’s stong delvierey capabilities ensured successful outcome of our Workflow system deployment.

Naimish S, CIO Fastmore (USA)

Rajul and I have worked together over the years to drive key projects for Close the Loop. All projects managed by Rajul has been satisfactory in terms of budget, timeline and scope. This level of expertise is usually rare in the IT world as Managers are challenged with resources and budget constraints. Rajul however, has always risen to the task and showed great professionalism in project delivery.

Rajul has a keen eye for attention to detail and knows how to transform complex problems into streamlined iterations. This enables transparency in projects which is key to stakeholders and allows the business to accurately measure their project investments.

Lastly Rajul has great innovation foresight. She has deduced new ideas on numerous occasions to improve business processes, which previously was not known to stakeholders. I found this to be invaluable as were able to achieve additional project milestones.

Rajul is an asset to any company looking to drive efficiency or innovating to get a competitive advantage.

Kesh N, General Manager, Close The Loop (Australia)